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    Benefits of Using Vinyl Fencing

    Post and rail fencing has long been the standard, when building structures that contain horses, cattle and other types of livestock. The biggest problem in using wood fencing is the constant need to replace and paint wood as it becomes damaged from the sun and elements. Post and rail vinyl fencing is not only a beautiful option but it is a cost-effective solution that offers many advantages over those made from wood, saving you a great deal of money over time.

    Since we sell only the best quality post vinyl fencing, you will have a fence that is virtually maintenance-free. You never have to paint it or replace boards that have become damaged. All you need to do is spray off the dirt from time to time, and your rail vinyl fencing will keep looking like it’s brand new. The larger the area that you have enclosed, the more money you save!

    Our post and rail vinyl fencing is available in a wide assortment of colors, so you can choose from traditional white, almond, or a realistic wood finish.  You can choose almost any color for your vinyl fencing. Additionally we have both a small rail and large rail option to suit any need.  With so many choices, your post and rail fencing can show your taste for tradition, or your unique style and personality.

    Your post and rail vinyl fence will also be resistant to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Our vinyl fencing is made with the most advance technology in the industry, the innovative co-extrusion process offers the best weather resistance and durability on the market. Your post and rail vinyl fence will not turn yellow, as other grades of white vinyl fencing have done in the past. That is because these high quality vinyl fences contain 10 parts titanium dioxide, and is co-extruded which reduces the likelihood of ultraviolet damage.

    You can also choose different textures of post vinyl fencing to give you the real look of wood without the disadvantages. Rail vinyl fencing can give your home and pasture a rich look that symbolizes authentic western style, while security your animals. Anyone who sees your post and rail vinyl fence will think it is real wood, because of the natural feel. However, post and rail vinyl fencing doesn’t pose the danger of splinters to your children or anyone visiting your home. This also makes it a better choice for your animals.

    The beauty of a post and rail is enhanced with the durability of vinyl.  While precision pre-routed posts provide for easy, bracket free installation and no external screws, there will be no rust spots to take away from the beauty of the post and rail vinyl fencing. Your children, you, and your pets have no risk of sharp edges to catch on clothing and cause harm. Large animals are kept secure, with the traditional post and rail style that so many facilities have relied on for many years. At the same time, rail vinyl fencing maintains its beauty, so that it doesn’t distract from the value of your property and livestock.

    Vinyl fencing retains virtually no moisture and has no taste, so your horses and other livestock will not want to chew on it. This will be helpful to you, in your knowing your livestock are not eating wood that may contain chemicals that can harm them. So it poses no risk to “cribbers”. A post and rail vinyl fence is safer for your animals and provides better resistance to damage that they might otherwise impose on it.  An investment in our post and rail vinyl fencing is one that you will be glad you made.