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    Vinyl Picket Fences

    Cape Cod Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $17.44/ft
    Cape Cod Concave Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $18.81/ft
    Yorkshire Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $17.44/ft
    Yorkshire Concave Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $18.81/ft
    Rothbury Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $13.77/ft
    Rothbury Concave Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $13.77/ft
    Danbury Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $13.77/ft
    Danbury Concave Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $13.77/ft
    Danbury Select Cedar Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $21.78/ft
    Canterbury Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $20.83/ft
    Manchester Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $21.51/ft
    Manchester Concave Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $22.03/ft
    Baron Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $12.56/ft
    Baron Select Cedar Vinyl Fencing
    starting at $14.93/ft
    Countess Vinyl Pool Fences
    Starting at $14.11/ft
    Monarch Vinyl Fencing
    Starting at $11.88/ft
    Princeton Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $13.42/ft
    Victorian Vinyl Fence
    Starting at $10.67/ft

    Benefits of Using Vinyl Fencing

    Vinyl fencing is considered to be a sign of elegance and quality. When purchasing your vinyl fencing you should understand that not only will it make your yard look beautiful, but you will also save a significant amount of money on maintenance over the life of the fence. It comes in such a variety of colors and textures, there is no need to ever paint or stain your vinyl fencing; it all comes with ColorLast UV Protection in the color of your choice. No longer will you need to re-paint or re-stain that weathered fence.

    Not only do you have the option of multiple different vinyl fencing colors, but it comes in different textures as well. Our vinyl fencing gives you the look of wood without the high cost of maintenance and repairs. The surface of the vinyl fencing looks like natural wood without the danger of splinters or exposed hardware. This can show a more refined style to your home while maintaining your privacy. All of our colors, coupled with the real wood grain textures offer you a variety of vinyl fencing you just cannot find at you local home improvement store. And resistant to the sun's ultraviolet rays, this vinyl fencing is made from the highest quality vinyl on the market.

    Our vinyl fencing is durable enough for children to climb on. And with no nails or hardware exposed, not only is it safer, there will be no rust spots to take away from the beauty of your vinyl fencing. You, your children, and your pets have no risk of sharp edges causing harm. With less worry, your children and pets can play with more freedom.

    Additionally vinyl fencing retains virtually no moisture and has no taste, so horses and other live stock will not want to chew or gnaw on it. Putting you at ease that your live stock is not eating wood that may contain chemicals that can harm them. With your animals not eating your fencing it will last longer and cost less to maintain. You can spend more time with your family and less time attending to fence repairs. Now you have no need to waste a nice sunny Sunday afternoon repainting your fence because your vinyl fencing will never need anything more than a quick power wash.